03rd Apr 2020 by Helge Kostka

There is an old age adage in the investment world that ‘diversification is always having to say you are sorry’, as there is usually one part (or more) of a portfolio that does not perform as expected. Every asset class has its day in the spotlight, for good or for bad.

27th Mar 2020 by Helge Kostka

Volatility has continued to maintain its grip on global equity markets. During the earlier part of the week the market was focused on the unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus measures only for today, to refocus back on COVID-19 and the actual economic impact it is and will be having on the global economy.

28th Feb 2020 by James Sellon, CFA, CFP™
Over the last week markets have been gripped by fear with the S&P 500 falling more than 10% from its record high. It is worth pausing for a moment during these times to try to put things in perspective. In 2019 the S&P posted a 28.9% gain and by February 21st was up a further 4.68%.

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