39 Steps to Smart Living in the UK

As an American living in the UK, almost nothing related to your financial affairs is easy. The consequences of seemingly simple decisions – such as how to pay for a new home or purchase a mutual fund – may create unnecessary tax charges and complexities. There are a number of key milestones that occur, from the time you arrive in the UK to the time you potentially approach and eventually reach retirement. Many of these changes will impact the appropriate wealth management strategies for American expats. Understanding how rules will change for you over time will allow you to plan ahead and make prudent financial decisions.

Using our extensive experience of advising American families living in the UK we have compiled a guide to the most common complexities associated with having a financial life that spans both the US and the UK. In order to help cut through some of that complexity, we created a guide entitled:

39 Steps to Smart Living in the UK

This guide highlights the most important things an American needs to be aware of as they embark on their journey of life in the UK. 39 Steps provides a timeline to help individuals plan properly for their financial future and avoid large pitfalls, whether they intend to be in the UK for five years, ten years or for the rest of their lives.

If you would like a full copy of MASECO’s ‘39 Steps to Smart Living in the UK’ please visit, www.masecoprivatewealth.com/the39steps or contact us at enquiries@masecopw.com

MASECO Private Wealth is not a qualified tax adviser and you should seek separate advice on your tax position with a suitably qualified tax adviser.

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