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4th of July – ideas for celebrating as an American in the UK

American Independence Day is traditionally one of the hallmarks of summer filled with outdoors events, BBQs and fireworks. It is a day of patriotic celebration and family events throughout the US. With 4th of July just around the corner, it is time to begin thinking about how you will celebrate the holiday this year. Being an American in the UK, certainly shouldn’t stop you from finding your own ways to celebrate and feel at home.

Below are some ideas:

• Have a picnic with friends and family in Hyde Park (or any of the other parks closer to your home)
• Seek out some of London’s best American restaurants (
• Organise a Garden BBQ with friends and family.
• Organise a family ‘treasure hunt’ around London to locate the many statues of American heroes dotted around the capital.
• Check the US embassy website for organised events (
• Visit Sulgrave Manor – the ancestral home of George Washington (
• Visit Benjamin Franklin’s home (
• Take a few minutes to write a note to thank those you know who serve.

Whatever you find yourself up to, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to celebrate in true US style. Keep an eye out for posted events over the next couple of weeks.

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