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A little bit of America in London – Another NFL International Series in London about to come to a close

A little bit of America fills the streets of London each Autumn with the NFL International Series games held at both Wembley Stadium and Twickenham. With the second of the three game London series just behind us, the third game is set to take place this weekend on Sunday 30 October. This final game, between the Washington Redskins and the Cincinnati Bengals, will add two new teams to the ranks that have played regular season games in London.

The International Series continues to build a mutual interest in an increased NFL presence here in London. The NFL will be playing at least two games each year at Wembley through 2020 and also has agreed to play two games at the new Tottenham stadium at White Hart Lane beginning in 2018. Twickenham will also host a minimum of three games over three years as well. Certainly hosting games at various venues around the city will give fans different types of experience and continue to generate interest from visitors from across the Pond.

Whether or not a permanent British franchise team ever comes to fruition, it appears as though the series will continue to be a success that both London and the NFL will benefit from. And, either way, this is likely to make Americans here in London feel a little bit more at home.

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