Nick Tissot

Chief Operating Officer

Having graduated from the University of Edinburgh in Business in 1999, Nick joined Pereire Tod Limited, a European equity brokerage business, based in London.  He started his career as a UK equity salesman before moving into business administration. He became Chief Operating Officer of Mirabaud’s UK business in 2005; Mirabaud is a 200 year old private Swiss bank which bought Pereire Tod Limited in 1990. His responsibilities as COO included operational oversight of Mirabaud’s UK private wealth management business, their asset management business and global responsibility for the group’s brokerage and corporate finance division. This included the successful development of Mirabaud Asset Management in the UK and the international growth of Mirabaud Securities, including its expansion into corporate finance and capital markets. In 2015 Nick became CEO of Mirabaud Securities where he guided a sizeable restructuring and rationalising of the business division including a change of overall corporate governance structure.

In his spare time…

Nick enjoys spending time with his family, where possible spent outdoors.  He enjoys sport, especially spearfishing, freediving, running and mountain pursuits.  He is a keen rugby supporter, likes to read and loves to travel.