Lewis Hickely

Operations & Data Analyst

Lewis joined MASECO from the University of Leeds, where he received an MA in Philosophy.  After a brief stint as a contractor at the firm, he has now become a permanent member of staff, acting as Operations & Data Analyst.

Lewis’ role at the firm is twofold.  The first of his responsibilities is to streamline and redesign operational processes within the firm, with a particular focus on implementing technological solutions and scalable processes to accommodate the ever expanding rate at which MASECO is growing.  In aid of this, he has a keen focus on group problem solving, working with people from every section of the business to understand exactly how their section of the business works, and indeed how it ought to work.

The second of his responsibilities is working with Christopher James, our Associate Operations Manager, on the technological infrastructure supporting our business.  In particular, Lewis is responsible for analysing the data that we work with, while also overseeing and redesigning a number of our databases to allow us to better utilise this information.  In addition to this he provides general support to the rest of the business in their interactions with the operational systems that we use.

In his spare time…

Lewis is keen to spend as much time as he can outside, weather permitting.  An avid hiker, an activity he discovered a fondness for during his time living so close to the Yorkshire Dales, Lewis likes to get outside as often as possible.  Aware that the weather in England is not always kind to this hobby, Lewis also plays squash and badminton a couple of times a week, and he runs every day.  When too exhausted to engage in physical activity, Lewis enjoys writing fiction in his free time.