Shilpa Sharma

Compliance Manager

Shilpa graduated from the University of London with a BSc in Chemistry and has achieved Financial Planning Certificates 1/2/3, along with CeMAP and MAQ. She has worked in the financial services sector for over twenty years in various capacities including insurance, investments, mortgages and compliance in both client-facing and non-client facing roles.

Shilpa’s primary role is to assess investment advice from a suitability point of view and ensure that the quality of business is compliant to the highest standard. She is also regularly involved in other projects involving building processes, introducer relationships, and training. Her role is non-client facing as she is mainly providing in-house support.

In her spare time…

Shilpa’s main passion in life is travelling and exploring parts of the world she has yet to experience. She spends a lot of time researching or thinking about her next adventure and where it will take her to soak up history, culture, and sunshine whether it be by air travel or enjoying the comforts of a luxury cruise liner en route. Apart from that Shilpa enjoys movies and regularly go the cinema with friends. Weekends are a time to unwind and give herself a break from the daily commute.