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It is a New Year, and a new opportunity to start fresh and make some resolutions. It is also a great time to take stock of your financial position, reassess your financial goals and objectives and determine whether there are any changes that you need to make. In the Winter Edition (2014/2015) of American in Britain, MASECO features with an article outlining the steps you can take to ensure your current wealth planning strategies remain optimal given inevitable changes in your life.

The article covers the following:

  • Reviewing your wealth goals and objectives, asking questions such as ‘Do you have any new goals that haven’t previously been considered?’
  • Assessing your portfolio performance and asset allocation, it is important to understand that although your objective may not have changed, your portfolio almost certainly has.
  • Assessing the tax-efficiency of your investment and saving plan, you should consult with a US-UK tax adviser on which strategies make the most sense for your individual needs.
  • Reviewing your estate plan, now is the perfect time to look at your current estate plan and review in light of any changes in your personal circumstances of objectives.

Click here to see the article written by Andrea Solana.

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