American versus British Schools – the perennial debate among expats

For many expats, the decision of whether to send their children to British Schools or American schools is one that is very important. Expats will often turn to one another for advice on what will suit their circumstances best.

We’ve often heard that British schools will usually offer expats insight and entrée into London society. If Americans are looking to fully immerse themselves into their new home then having children in British schools can help make that transition a bit easier. However, it is important to note that the focus of the British educational program will very often differ. So, if expats are sure that they are only staying for a few years, American schools can sometimes make the transition from home and back home easier for the children.

In the end, the most suitable choice is definitely based on individual circumstances and both choices have incredible merits.

This funny and light-hearted video shows two young adults discuss their experience in British and American schools…

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