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IRA Rollovers – New IRS Rules for 2015:

In 2014 the IRS rewrote the rules on rollovers between individual retirement accounts (IRAs). In November last year they clarified this and issued guidance as to how and when a new once-per-year limit on these would be applied.1

Whilst this was well reported in the US, both online and in publications such as the Wall Street Journal2, it is fair to say that it has received scant coverage in the UK and Europe. For US expats or those with a number of IRA accounts it now means they need to be careful how they go about consolidating such accounts.

Are Argentina and the Ukraine emerging markets?

Reading a Financial Times article about emerging markets over the weekend by John Redwood (the former Conservative government minister and Chairman of the Investment Committee at Pan Evercore) reminded me of a few recent conversations with clients on the same subject. These conversations tend to have been prompted by media coverage of the recent geopolitical tensions in the Ukraine – which have rarely been out of the news since the shooting down of flight MH-17 – or the saga over the recent Argentinian debt default.

Committed to US clients.

As my job as Head of MASECO Institutional involves working with financial advisers, wealth managers, private banks and Trust companies I have been in the right place to observe a growing phenomenon which has caused a great deal of inconvenience and concern to US taxpayers in the UK – that is the trend amongst financial service providers, banks and investment managers to close accounts for US taxpayers and to ask them to take their business elsewhere.