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MASECO sponsors London Sports in The American

We are proud to be sponsoring London Sports, the UK’s largest and long-established youth baseball and girls’ softball league. Click here to read more about the partnership and our contribution to the London Sports Scholarship & Infrastructure Fund. You can visit our Instagram page to stay up to date on all things baseball and read the player profiles for the nominated Players of the Week each weekend!

Impact investing looks like the space to watch

As with every new generation, attitudes and preferences change, and millennials are no exception to this rule. Some of this undoubtedly comes from the natural instinct for independence. However, factors such as higher university education rates and access to the wealth of information available for free online have certainly had an effect on the tech-savvy millennials who have grown up with this technology. This is especially obvious when you contrast their lives with the baby-boomers who are currently in the process of transferring their estates to them, many of whom have wholly different penchants when it comes to investing.

The value of teaching our children about financial education

Gaining an early understanding of personal finance can be an important building block to provide youth with the tools they need to become fiscally responsible adults. It seems like a topic that should have already been engrained in curriculums across schools. However, it has only been about four years since a compulsory financial education programme was put in place in secondary schools across the UK. And despite financial education now being compulsory, a majority of students still report their parents and family as their primary source of financial information.

Holidays and Travel – A Cornerstone of your Wealth Plan?

When I work with clients on wealth planning engagements, I spend a lot of time discussing their personal goals and objectives; what is it that they want to get out of the one life they have to live? Through the conversations, a common theme often emerges. For so many people, it is not about buying luxury things or amassing material possessions. It is about affording experiences. It is about making memories with the people who mean the most in their lives, whether that be family or friends.

The Role of Insurance Protection

Insurance protection is hardly a glamorous purchase and generally people will avoid the topics of illness and death, but ensuring you have decent protection for your dependents is a must. Insurance protection is important no matter your employment, life stage, or the number of children you may have.

Considerations when looking at property as an investment

Historically, property alongside pensions has been one of the most common ways to invest in the UK. As many know, property is an asset class, just like cash, bonds and shares and can serve as a form of diversification when building an investment portfolio. In the UK, there have traditionally been many tax incentives for property investing. However, these are slowly being tapered back making other avenues of investing potentially more attractive.