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Cash Flow Planning

I attended a conference earlier this week and one of the featured speakers, Jeffery Coyle of Monograph Wealth Advisors in California, discussed the role of fixed income over time in an asset allocation strategy.  The presentation was thought-provoking because it was, in many ways, contrary to generally accepted industry practices.

UK pension drawdown – managing your exposure to the Lifetime Allowance Charge

The new pension freedoms on offer since 6 April 2015 have allowed individuals to become more strategic in the way they access their UK retirement funds. Traditionally, the tax-efficient way to drawdown your assets in retirement is to access taxable assets, tax deferred assets and tax exempt assets. These freedoms provide the ability to meet retirement needs in a way that can also mitigate your tax bill.

Insight into Trump Tax Reform Roadmap

After much anticipation, last week Republicans released their roadmap for revamping the US tax code. Passage of large scale tax reform will almost certainly be met with resistance and this is only the first step in the process but it provides some important insight into the intended direction of the upcoming debate that will take place over the next few months.

Incorporating family into financial planning

The topic of money and how it should be saved, spent and invested is often intensely personal. What money means to individuals many times represents an amalgamation of life experiences, outlook and your innate behavioural tendencies. As different people view financial decisions and subsequent planning needs in very different ways, it can be a topic that is avoided among family members so as to maintain privacy, or avoid tense and awkward conversations.