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Where’s the Value?

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From 1975–2017 the value premium[1] in Europe has had a positive annualised return of approximately 2.2%.[2] In six of the last ten calendar years, however, the value premium in Europe has been negative. The same trend has been seen across developed markets globally.

4th of July Charity Softball Match

The 4th of July saw us host our very first Charity Softball Match in partnership with London Sports, with over 100 guests in total. We have sponsored London Sports over the recent baseball season, contributing to the Scholarship and Infrastructure Fund which enables underprivileged children to join the league free of charge. The charity welcomes both girls and boys aged 5 to 18 to play baseball and softball in a safe and fun environment, and is the UK’s largest and longest established league of its kind.

Investment Lessons from University Endowments

Recently a familiar theme cropped up in discussion following an article on Bloomberg – that of the potential lessons from investing like the big US university endowment plans.[1] They excite interest due to the vast sums they manage[2] and that they can access some of the best and brightest individuals in academia who are based literally on their door steps. The Yale Endowment Model has been widely publicised and described by the Yale Chief Investment Officer, David Swensen, in his book “Pioneering Portfolio Management”.

MASECO sponsors London Sports in The American

We are proud to be sponsoring London Sports, the UK’s largest and long-established youth baseball and girls’ softball league. Click here to read more about the partnership and our contribution to the London Sports Scholarship & Infrastructure Fund. You can visit our Instagram page to stay up to date on all things baseball and read the player profiles for the nominated Players of the Week each weekend!

The Track Record of Stock Market Experts

Every year well known industry commentator Larry Swedroe, Principal at US wealth management firm Buckingham Strategic Wealth, assesses the hits and misses of market pundits who predict the year’s “sure things”. He scores +1 for a true forecast, -1 for a wrong prediction and 0 for a draw. Below are the “sure things” that were heard from investors and stock market experts in 2017. We use the US, the world’s largest economy and stock market, as the measure of successful predictions.