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These boots were made for walking

In a world of easy transport it’s not often that one considers walking 100 kilometres to be a good idea. Particularly when it’s done without a break.

But that’s exactly what Toni Taylor did.

Toni is a wealth planning manager at MASECO, and she walked from Petersfield to Brighton at the end of July. The walk took her 29 hours and she and her team raised £1,752 for Oxfam and the Gurkha Welfare Trust. Enough to pay for 12 water pumps and irrigation systems in Rwanda, or almost three and a half years of welfare pension for a retired ghurka soldier, or 70 goats for families in Ethiopia.

MASECO staff raised over £350 of Toni’s total and this amount was 50% matched by the company. More details of Toni’s challenge can be found here.

Well done Toni – what’s your next challenge?

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