Josh Matthews invited to be a panellist at the Private Wealth UK Forum

On Tuesday 21st March, Managing Partner Josh Matthews was invited to be a panellist at the Markets Group Private Wealth UK Forum in London, a meeting of Regional HNW Wealth Managers, Private Banks, and Family offices.

The day covered a broad range of topics, with Josh on the panel called ‘Opportunistic Approaches to Alternatives’.  He discussed the high yielding opportunities in alternative credit, and how in a low interest rate environment alternative credit is a good option for clients who can withstand some illiquidity.

If you are interested in hearing more about MASECO’s views on alternative credit, please contact your wealth manager.

Agreeing with Warren Buffett and the evidence behind his comments

It has been known for decades that active fund managers generally underperform their benchmarks[1].  Eugene Fama penned the Efficient Market Hypothesis[2] in the 60’s proving this and there has been numerous others who have throughout the years.  In very recent times, Warren Buffet made waves this weekend with his harsh criticism of Wall Street and how investors have paid more than $100 billion needlessly in fees over the year[3].  Also, every six months S&P publishes their SPIVA report which shows this happening in practice – ‘over the five-year period, 91.91% of US large-cap (active) managers…lagged their respective benchmarks’.[4]

MASECO Asset Management: Fund Manager of the Year 2016

On 18th January, Josh Matthews attended an event to celebrate the Alt Fi Awards 2016 and collected the award for ‘Fund Manager of the Year’ on behalf of MASECO Asset Management*.  It was a fantastic and well-attended event as well as a welcome opportunity to meet with the other award winning firms. To view all the winners from the AltiFi Awards 2016, click here: