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A little bit of America in London – NBA Global Game set to be played at O2 this week

The 02 is set to host a regular season matchup between the Denver Nuggets and the Indiana Pacers as part of the NBA Global Games series on Thursday 12 January 2017.  This game, which is part of the 2016-17 season Global Games, will mark both teams’ first trip to the UK and will be the league’s seventh regular season game played in London. Other games are being held in Mexico City.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has previously said that the hosting of the games ‘underscores our commitment to growing basketball in the region and to bringing more regular-season basketball to our fans in the UK.’ So, similarly to the growth of the NFL in London, it is likely that we can expect to see more NBA games played overseas in the coming years.

MASECO Asset Management wins ‘Fund Manager of the Year’

We would like to take a moment to congratulate MASECO Asset Management (a seperate and independant entity) on being named ‘Fund Manager of the Year’ at the AltFi Awards 2016. The MASECO Asset Management Alternative Credit Fund (ACF) was launched in response to new opportunities in the Alternative Credit markets and in anticipation of the expansion of Direct Lending as a mainstream asset class. The multi-strategy Alternative Credit Fund (ACF) was created with the goal of providing investors opportunities to obtain a high income return stream that is uncorrelated to traditional fixed income and equities.  These stable and predictable return streams can be achieved through investing in loans across geography and sub-asset class whilst capturing the ‘illiquidity’ and ‘inefficiency’ risk premiums available.

On this occasion, the judges recognized that MASECO Asset Management’s Alternative Credit Fund has been able to achieve high returns with low volatility by investing in a diversified portfolio of private loans across insurance, SMEs, Trade Finance and Real Estate.

If you would like to discuss how to become an investor, or have any questions about investing in the funds, or the Alternative Credit strategy, please go to

Expect volatility and tax cuts: three advisers on Trump’s victory

Trump-lite or triple strength Republicans? Expect pro-business, tax cuts and slashed spending.

We expect there to be more volatility in light of the fact that people have changed their view of the world in light of this new unexpected event. But is it terrible news for the stock markets or asset prices? No, they are not correlated at all.

There is little correlation between what happens right after a presidential election and when you have a new president compared with when you have an incumbent party coming in.

I actually do not think it is all bad news. Trump is pretty pro-business. He is looking to lower taxes and looking to repatriate American profits abroad and based on these things there will be more investment in the US. That is if he can push through everything he says he is going to do.

Taxes expected to rise under a Clinton Administration

Evidence based investment approach.

It is widely expected that should Hillary Clinton enter the White House in January that taxes for the wealthy will rise.  Clinton suggests that taxes will be higher for those Americans who earn more than $250,000.  For those who are earning more than $5mm per year Clinton moots that there will an additional 4% tax levied.

For US residents this is an immediate hit to the bottom line.  It is unknown as to which tax year Clinton might impose these tax rises and, as such, attention should be given as to whether one wants to crystallise tax liabilities this tax year rather than next.

For those Americans living in the UK the tax rises will probably mean that the highest US marginal tax rates will become more in line with the UK marginal tax rates and as such should not result in additional taxation. The key is ensuring that all US income taxation is off-settable against UK income tax under the US/UK Double Tax Treaty.  Care should be taken as to crystallising tax liabilities in an attempt to shelter against US taxes if UK taxes are due on any investment portfolio.  As a result of Brexit the UK tax liability on US portfolios is likely to have ballooned given sterling’s depreciation.

If these tax rises are passed the UK will become more attractive than the likes of New York and California as a tax destination as US Citizens living in the UK generally do not pay State or Local taxation.

For more details please click here to read a recent Bloomberg article on this topic.

A little bit of America in London – Another NFL International Series in London about to come to a close

A little bit of America fills the streets of London each Autumn with the NFL International Series games held at both Wembley Stadium and Twickenham. With the second of the three game London series just behind us, the third game is set to take place this weekend on Sunday 30 October. This final game, between the Washington Redskins and the Cincinnati Bengals, will add two new teams to the ranks that have played regular season games in London.

The International Series continues to build a mutual interest in an increased NFL presence here in London. The NFL will be playing at least two games each year at Wembley through 2020 and also has agreed to play two games at the new Tottenham stadium at White Hart Lane beginning in 2018. Twickenham will also host a minimum of three games over three years as well. Certainly hosting games at various venues around the city will give fans different types of experience and continue to generate interest from visitors from across the Pond.

Whether or not a permanent British franchise team ever comes to fruition, it appears as though the series will continue to be a success that both London and the NFL will benefit from. And, either way, this is likely to make Americans here in London feel a little bit more at home.

Daily Life in the UK as an American

Daily life in the US and the UK has its similarities and its differences. Almost any American who lives in the UK can put together their own list based on their perspectives and past experiences.  Everyone gets homesick from time and time and it is easy to sometimes get caught up and dwell too much on the familiar and underappreciate the differences.

Bill Bryson is an American author who lived in the UK for over twenty years. At the point in time he decided to return to the US, he took one final trip around the country and wrote a travel book called ‘Notes from a Small Island’ providing humorous insight into daily life in the UK.  In light of recent events, we thought this excerpt from the book was particularly well placed.

The value of teaching our children about financial education

Gaining an early understanding of personal finance can be an important building block to provide youth with the tools they need to become fiscally responsible adults. It seems like a topic that should have already been engrained in curriculums across schools. However, it has only been about two years since a compulsory financial education programme was put in place in secondary schools across the UK.

The mandatory lessons involve education on basic money matters like calculating simple interest and learning how to approach budgeting and saving. The education is based on four aspects; financial understanding, financial competence, financial responsibility and financial enterprise.

4th of July – ideas for celebrating as an American in the UK

American Independence Day is traditionally one of the hallmarks of summer filled with outdoors events, BBQs and fireworks. It is a day of patriotic celebration and family events throughout the US. With 4th of July just around the corner, it is time to begin thinking about how you will celebrate the holiday this year. Being an American in the UK, certainly shouldn’t stop you from finding your own ways to celebrate and feel at home.

Wimbledon officially kicks off next week

Wimbledon fever is in full swing with pre-tournament matches taking place at The Queen’s club last week and the Tennis Classic at Hurlingham taking place over the next few days. The first round of the 130th Championship kicks off on Monday and the entirety of the UK will turn its focus to this year’s play. With Ivan Lendl back in Andy Murray’s court and Serena Williams seeking a 22nd Grand Slam title to tie Steffi Graf, this year should prove to be an exciting one.

Even if you weren’t one of the lucky one’s to receive a ticket in the ballot, there are still lots of ways you can take part in the fun. In addition to joining the queue for tickets, loads of bars, pubs and restaurants around London will have indoor and outdoor screenings of the games. What better way to watch than kicking back in a lawn chair with a Pimms in hand.

You can find a full schedule of play here..