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Josh Matthews invited to be a panellist at the Private Wealth UK Forum

On Tuesday 21st March, Managing Partner Josh Matthews was invited to be a panellist at the Markets Group Private Wealth UK Forum in London, a meeting of Regional HNW Wealth Managers, Private Banks, and Family offices.

The day covered a broad range of topics, with Josh on the panel called ‘Opportunistic Approaches to Alternatives’.  He discussed the high yielding opportunities in alternative credit, and how in a low interest rate environment alternative credit is a good option for clients who can withstand some illiquidity.

If you are interested in hearing more about MASECO’s views on alternative credit, please contact your wealth manager.

Reflections on 2016 & Beyond

A question one should ask oneself periodically is: “how is my portfolio getting along?”. Trying to get to the bottom of this seemingly simple question often leads to more questions than answers. The answer is generally a combination of fund selection, asset allocation and fees.

For MASECO, let’s reflect on asset allocation first. On the equity side, we currently tilt portfolios away from US equity into a higher allocation towards Emerging Markets. This is a long-term belief that we believe is designed to improve both returns as well as diversification (given the US otherwise represents about 54% of global equity markets). This idea had very little performance impact last year, as both equity regions produced only marginally different returns over the 12 months (comparing MSCI EM with S&P 500 in USD)1.

A little MASECO silverware – The Team attend City Ski

This weekend saw a return of the annual City Ski Championships, which Verbier played host to for the 2nd year running.  Since MASECO’s humble beginnings back in 2008, we have doggedly fielded a team, but in keeping with our entrepreneurial spirit, it has tended to be a triumph of optimism over reality.  There have been occasional individual successes, but the team event has always alluded…  That is until the great year of 2017!  We are delighted to report a changing of the guard: Messrs Matthews, Dorman, Armitage and Capuano (aka Team MASECO) rose to the occasion, and were the fastest men on the mountain on the day, with significant support from Messrs Sellon, Findlater and Flonaes.  For full disclosure Will Armitage and Ted Capuano are technically “friends” of MASECO rather than fully signed conscripts, but definitely not “ringers” in spite of murmurings from the competition.

Reasons to be cheerful 1 – 2 – 3

It feels like a lot has happened after 23rd June’s Brexit vote and since then the news flow has been persistently miserable – national footballing humiliation courtesy of Iceland, currency turmoil courtesy of the pound, political turmoil courtesy of the government and opposition parties and even the weather applying the coup de grace with the wettest June on record – as if anything else was needed to cheer up a despondent nation.

JP Morgan Run 2016

For the past 7 years, MASECO has participated in the annual JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge 5K fun run. This year 14,500 employees from 400 different companies took part in the event at Battersea Park. With temperatures rising to over 30 degrees in the hours leading up to the race, the team were anxious but excited to take on the challenge given such soaring temperatures.

Twentyone MASECO team members took part in the run held on 20 July, with one of our new interns, Dan Keeley, breaking the MASECO record with a spectacular finish time of 23 minutes 20 seconds, despite having been invited to take part just the day before! The whole team made an outstanding effort, with everyone managing to complete the race in under an hour.

The event beneficiary for 2016, Age UK received a donation on behalf of all JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge entrants, and the money raised will be used to provide older people with vital companionship, advice and support.

MASECO is proud to have run and to have helped raise money for such a worthy cause. We look forward to taking part again next year.

Helge Kostka joins MASECO Private Wealth

MASECO Private Wealth has expanded its investment team to strengthen its strategic position in the application of smart beta factor investing for private client portfolios. Helge Kostka has joined MASECO and is responsible for directing the firm’s investment policy and strategy, as well as managing all aspects of MASECO’s $1bn+ global asset portfolios. Helge also leads the Research Team that works closely with the academic community to identify relevant applications for MASECO’s discretionary portfolios.

Prior to joining MASECO, Helge helped to establish and grow the presence of Research Affiliates in Europe. The firm is a recognized global leader in smart beta and asset allocation, with approximately $160 billion in assets managed worldwide using investment strategies developed by their research teams.

2015 Investment Letters

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Charity Update

MASECO donates funds to four charities for every new household that MASECO takes on.  Each new household receives a letter with information about our panel of charities, explaining the work of the charities, and the contribution that MASECO will be making.

Please see below an update on the charities and how the donations are being used.

Against Malaria Foundation

Malaria affects almost half of the world’s population and claims 655,000 lives every year, with over 90% of these deaths in Africa.  It is also the number one killer of pregnant women in Africa and every life lost is needless as malaria is a preventable and treatable disease.  The good news is that, today, over 485 children’s lives are saved from malaria every day, thanks to extraordinary international efforts to fight the disease.  Globally, malaria deaths have dropped by 26% since 2000 and in Africa deaths have been cut by a third.  Making just a small donation of $6 allows the AMF to purchase and distribute one net that will save a life.  This is one of the most cost effective and impactful ways we can think of to help save lives.  We are committed to maintaining this momentum.   

MASECO’s total donation to date : $2,160

MASECO’s donation has provided 772 mosquito nets which will help protect people from contracting malaria in some of the poorest parts of Africa.