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Charlotte Beyer’s ‘Wealth Management Unwrapped’ highlights useful tips for investors and advisers

Over the last few months, the adviser world has been buzzing about Charlotte Beyer’s new book ‘Wealth Management Unwrapped.’ In fact, over the holidays when I decided to pick up the book to read, it was difficult to find a copy.

In ‘Unwrapped’, Beyer sets out to unpack the confounding aspects of investing and outline a simple approach for the private investor to choose the right adviser for them and build a successful relationship.  In short, ‘Unwrapped’ lives up to the hype. I found the book to be a quick and educational read. It holds tidbits for both sophisticated investors and those investors who are new to the markets.  And, is useful for anyone who wants to make more informed financial decisions.

The first part of the book is aimed as a resource for the private investor while the second part approaches the same topics for Advisers who work in the wealth management space. Throughout ‘Unwrapped’ you will find helpful tools to help you establish a relationship with the right adviser that is built on honest communication, shared expectations, mutual respect and knowledge of yourself.

One of the most important points Beyer conveys in the book is the importance for investors to be self-aware. Self-aware of their personalities, their personal goals and objectives and understand whether their expectations are aligned with their goals. All too often, investor expectations actually conflict directly with what they are trying to achieve which severely limits the chances for having a successful investment experience.

For advisers, Beyer stresses the importance of listening skills and having the ability to identify some of the cognitive biases that might be plaguing potential investors.  Being able to point these out and partner with the investor in the education process will build trust and a foundation for a successful investment journey.

If you haven’t already done so, both investors and advisers alike should pick up ‘Unwrapped’ and benefit from its simple and informative advice.

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