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When I started writing this blog, I had no intention of being a doomsayer. Unfortunately, there is little in the news at the moment to bring any relief to the negativity from which we have all been suffering over the past three years.

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel are meeting later today to talk about Greece’s progress in cutting its budget deficit. This is at a time when policymakers are deciding whether to release the latest tranche of Greek bailout funds. As yet, no grand plan has emerged, but European an Asian markets rallied strongly yesterday on the hope that leaders were at last in a position to act decisively.

The US Eagles have suffered another defeat in the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. They did, however, hold Italy to a 27-10 scoreline – not a bad effort at all and, again, they showed great promise. Unfortunately, this means they will not be progressing beyond the group stages in this tournament, but it is clear that they are showing a great deal of potential for future tournaments.

Something at least to be cheery about: it turns out that coffee may prevent depression! Make mine a double-shot latte.

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