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Don’t go there. Live There. – Airbnb’s advice on travel

As summer travel begins to kick off thoughts turn to all of the logistics around staying at your destination of choice. The type of lodging you have in a particular city as well as the neighbourhood you choose to stay in can have a huge impact on your overall experience.

A few years ago Airbnb introduced the concept of ‘Belong Anywhere’ which drives the company’s brand identity. Through its community driven marketplace its mission is to universally bring people together from all parts of the world.

The popularity of holiday home rentals has soared over the last few years. Their concept brings individuals together, it opens doors, minds and creates new relationships and experiences. Often, in a completely different way than staying at a hotel. What better way to truly experience the unique aspects of another city and culture than to be able to ‘live there’ and feel as though you are part of the vibrant fabric of everyday life.

Airbnb’s new advert embraces this concept and as our thoughts transition to our next holiday destination, we thought it would be a good opportunity to share.

Watch the full advert here…

MASECO does not vouch for Airbnb, is not connected with Airbnb in any way and does not accept responsibility for any of their actions. You should make sure any travel firm you use is covered by insurance in case they fail.

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