07th Sep 2023 by Andrea Solana, CFP™

MASECO Female Voices Event: In partnership with the Beam Network

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One’s relationship with wealth and money is often fraught with challenges and intertwined with family expectations, identity and complex emotions. At MASECO, we know it is often difficult to talk about wealth, whether it is finding the right people to connect with on sensitive topics or finding spaces that allow for an honest and intimate exchange. 

For this reason, for the second year running, at MASECO we will be hosting our 'Female Voices' event in partnership with the Beam Network, in order to offer that safe space to our clients. The Beam Network is a global community of high-net-wealth women wealth holders who empower one another, through connection and financial education, to invest in line with their values and create a better world. We are delighted to be partnering with Beam and feel a real sense of affiliation to the network, as they share many of MASECO's values and vision for supporting women of wealth, as well as the bigger movement of closing the financial gender gap.

“We want women to have the confidence, knowledge and tools to take charge of their financial futures. We’re proud to be part of a bigger movement supporting the financial literacy of all women and closing the financial gender gap.”​

- Ana Morales, Co-Founder of The Beam Network

Our joint event, held on Thursday 14th September in a central London location, will be facilitated by Beam Co-Founder, Ana Morales, and the Beam Network’s Executive Coach, Elina Teboul. Participants will be guided through a process of self-reflection, and will be encouraged to lean into the conversations, however they feel comfortable. The session will allow time for discussion and questions, as well as offering unique networking opportunities to MASECO clients and prospects, in the aim of supporting and empowering MASECO's female client network. 

About our Speakers 

Ana Morales, Co-Founder of the Beam Network 

An activist and strategic philanthropist, Ana, has worked for over 20 years in violence prevention, education, and poverty eradication, with particular emphasis in Latin-America. She is a Founding Member of Maverick Collective, an initiative to transform the lives of women and girls around the world and lift them out of poverty. Ana is also a Board Member of Glasswing International, a non-profit organization that addresses the root causes of poverty and violence. Born in Mexico, Ana currently lives in London with her husband and daughter

Elina Teboul, Executive Coach for the Beam Network 

Elina is a highly experienced executive coach with a background in investment management, psychology and law. She holds a B.A. in economics from New York University, an M.A. in psychology from Columbia University, a J.D. in law from Columbia Law School, and coaching certifications from the Columbia Coaching Certification Program and the International Coaching Federation. 

With a passion for social entrepreneurship, Elina has served as a global philanthropic project adviser for the Allan & Gill Gray Foundation and currently mentors young creatives as a member of the Soho House community. 

In her role as a facilitator with Chief, the premier private membership network for women executive leaders, Elina leads regular digital conversations for small groups of women and has a deep understanding of the unique needs and dynamics of family wealth management. 

Drawing on her legal expertise and psychological training, Elina has created an innovative course on "Positive Lawyering" and has authored a forthcoming book, "Feminine Intelligence," on how women can leverage their strengths and values to create impact. With her personal background as a mother and spouse in a family investment office, Elina brings a unique perspective and empathy to her role as coach for The Beam Network's Cornerstone Coaching.

Andrea Solana, Partner and Head of Advanced Planning at MASECO Private Wealth 

Andrea began her career in 2005 with a well-known Washington DC based international tax and global wealth management firm. There she provided advisory services to US expatriates abroad and foreign nationals living in the US. Over the years, Andrea has gained considerable experience advising high net worth individuals with multi-jurisdictional financial interests to design and implement strategies for tax-efficient and risk-managed asset growth. Andrea regularly writes articles in various expat magazines and is periodically asked for press comment on US expat financial planning topics. Additionally, she has written numerous whitepapers regarding fundamental financial planning and investment strategies for US connected individuals and has previously been a speaker at both The World Bank and IMF.

Andrea moved to London in 2013 and joined MASECO in 2014. At MASECO, Andrea is focused on enhancing the delivery of high-quality wealth planning advice to MASECO’s Private Wealth Clients and helping all client facing staff stay trained on up to date regulatory and legislative issues facing US families living in the UK. She enjoys helping clients feel more in control of their personal finances and helping them to actualise a financial strategy that addresses their personal values, goals and vision.

In 2018, Andrea was recognised by Professional Advisers in the inaugural Women in Financial Advice Awards, winning the category 'Woman of the Year - In-house Adviser Support'. In 2020, Andrea was featured as a ‘Distinguished Individual’ in The Spear’s 500 publication which is a guide to the top private client advisers, wealth managers, lawyers and service providers for HNW individuals.

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