Globally Minded UK Citizens

Helping you think globally in an ever so local world.

There is a tendency to focus intensely on issues that are on one's doorstep, a tendency to act on information knowing that it is probably imperfect.

At MASECO, we help our clients look beyond what might seem important today to what is important tomorrow.

Through combining over 20 years of Partner experience and a continued focus on the pursuit of knowledge, we help you identify what matters most in order for us to design portfolios so that you can live your life without worry. 

US / UK Wealth Manager




A life of less worry.

The uncertainty of investing throws up its own unique challenges. These challenges come in all shapes and sizes. 

We start off at the beginning - identifying what investment rate of return you need to generate from your capital. From there we work to build portfolios that are tailored to your individual circumstances.

Only from there can we work to ensure that these portfolios are designed to meet your needs and, over time, achieve your goals.

A life well lived.

Happiness comes from ensuring that life does not deal you any unexpected surprises. At MASECO, we work collaboratively with you to identify risks, highlight opportunities and weigh-up decisions.

With a fully constructed wealth plan in place our clients have the confidence to live within their means, safe in the knowledge that the future looks bright.

Why choose MASECO?

  • 1 Highly experienced in working with global families
  • 2 Tailored Investment Management
  • 3 Deep understanding of Wealth Planning for global families
  • 4 Integrated Family Office services designed to meet the ever-changing demands of our global families