Helge Kostka Has Been Awarded A Graham And Dodd Award Of Excellence By CFA Institute

In 2016 the Financial Analysts Journal published Helge’s co-authored research around factor and smart beta exposures. In 2017 Helge and two co-authors won a Graham and Dodd Award for recognising excellence in research and financial writing.

Barbara S. Petitt, CFA, Managing Editor of the Financial Analysts Journal commented that the Scroll Award goes to the authors focusing on ‘the popular topic of factor investing and examines which factors offer “true” premiums once considering implementation costs’.

Since 1960, the CFA Institute has awarded the prestigious Graham and Dodd Awards to recognise excellence in research and financial writing from around the globe. Only recently has the criteria to win an award been toughened.

Past Graham and Dodd Award winners include illustrious names from the academic and investment management community, among them various Nobel Prize Laureates.

It is however the first time that a Chief Investment Officer at a UK Private Wealth Management firm has received such honour.

James Sellon, Managing Partner at MASECO Private Wealth commented: “We are delighted for Helge to be recognised for his tremendous work. Winning this award is testament to the intellectual and academic rigour that we apply to our Factor Based Investment Philosophy.  We congratulate Helge for his academic pursuit to systematic investing.”

You can see the official announcement by clicking here.

The article, “Will Your Factor Deliver? An Examination of Factor Robustness and Implementation Costs” is available by clicking here.

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