Helge Kostka joins MASECO Private Wealth

MASECO Private Wealth has expanded its investment team to strengthen its strategic position in the application of smart beta factor investing for private client portfolios. Helge Kostka has joined MASECO and is responsible for directing the firm’s investment policy and strategy, as well as managing all aspects of MASECO’s $1bn+ global asset portfolios. Helge also leads the Research Team that works closely with the academic community to identify relevant applications for MASECO’s discretionary portfolios.

Prior to joining MASECO, Helge helped to establish and grow the presence of Research Affiliates in Europe. The firm is a recognized global leader in smart beta and asset allocation, with approximately $160 billion in assets managed worldwide using investment strategies developed by their research teams.

Helge also worked for Aviva Investors in London, serving as Head of Product Management and Head of Product Specialists in the areas of investment solutions, equity, and multi-asset products. Before Aviva, Helge served in a number of roles for Deutsche Bank’s asset management entities, including Head of Qualitative Alpha Selection and Head of Portfolio Engineering. His experience in smart beta and factor investing across asset classes goes back over a decade.

Helge’s academic grounding is as impressive as his employment history, including a Bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting from Hogeschool, Utrecht, the Netherlands, and a Diplom Betriebswirt from Fachhochschule für Oekonomie und Management in Essen, Germany. Helge graduated with an Executive MSc in risk management and investment management from EDHEC-Risk Institute.​​

In joining MASECO, Helge observed that

“being invited to join the MASECO partnership represents the culmination of a career focused on rigorous research, portfolio construction theory and practice, investor education, and business building. The opportunity to bring all of these elements to bear at MASECO is a perfect pairing of my background and skills with the needs of the firm.”

James Sellon, Managing Partner at MASECO noted that

“Our ability to attract someone of Helge’s experience at the cutting edge of factor investing research and portfolio construction is testament to the market-leading position in the Private Wealth sector that MASECO has grown into over the last eight years. We have a particular expertise in risk-premium factor-based investing and matching that philosophy with Helge’s institutional experience and intellect will ensure that MASECO remains at the forefront of providing innovative, low-cost, and effective wealth solutions for clients”.

As at 31st March, MAESCO Private Wealth manages $1.1bn of assets for private clients. The firm has 40 staff and is based in Central London.

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