Holidays and Travel – A Cornerstone of your Wealth Plan?

When I work with clients on wealth planning engagements, I spend a lot of time discussing their personal goals and objectives; what is it that they want to get out of the one life they have to live? Through the conversations, a common theme often emerges. For so many people, it is not about buying luxury things or amassing material possessions. It is about affording experiences. It is about making memories with the people who mean the most in their lives, whether that be family or friends.

For some, the fluctuation in currency and the relatively weak Sterling may be impacting holiday plans as it is inevitably more expensive to travel outside of the UK. There might even be a question as to whether holiday fits within the Budget. However, holidays take form in many different shapes and sizes and based on my experience, whether big or small, should remain a cornerstone of one’s Wealth Plan as there are so many intangible benefits that come from taking some time away from everyday life.

As summer travel begins to kick off, a reminder of those intangible benefits landed on my social media feed in the following blog which I enjoyed enough to share here:

The Best Parenting Advice I’ve Ever Received? “Always Take The Trip”

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