23rd May 2024 by Patrick Bowen

When hearing the word ‘Succession’, many of our first thoughts may be of the recent hit TV series. Whilst the show was of course exaggerated and far from the real world for most people, it did highlight the key point that careful and considered succession planning is something we should all make sure we’ve taken into account.

20th May 2024 by Josh Matthews, HBA

A few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of having breakfast with Prince Hubertus von und zu Liechtenstein at Dartmouth House in London. 

13th May 2024 by Alex Dolton

With the arrival of a new UK tax year, it's an opportune moment for US expatriates living in the UK to evaluate and maximise their tax-efficient investment strategies.

08th May 2024 by Senior Wealth Planner

Written by Emilie Sotty 

Once again, the MASECO team are partaking in our annual challenge, ‘Moving for May’ in which we do our bit to raise awareness about mental health.

03rd May 2024 by George King

Within our latest podcast, which takes the form of a two-part series with Jessica McGawley, a psychological consultant, mediator and founder of Dallington Associates, we delve into the topic of the ‘Rising Generation’. 

02nd May 2024 by Josh Matthews, HBA

MASECO's Co-Founder and Senior Wealth Manager, Josh Matthews, recently had the great pleasure and opportunity to meet distinguished Columbia University Professor, Joseph Stiglitz. Within this blog, Josh shares more about his conversation with ProfessorStiglitz, as well as discussing his work, beliefs and primary concerns as of today.