04th May 2023 by Kyle McClellan & Ollie Cutting

As both the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the UK’s HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) can demand their pound of flesh from Americans residing in the UK, tax efficiency should be considered the holy grail of any investment strategy – nobody likes paying double tax, after all! 

21st Apr 2023 by Kyle McClellan & Ollie Cutting

The first and one of the most important “principles” within this series is devoted to financial planning, which should be considered a universal principle for investors of all creeds. Irrespective of citizenship or residency, identifying your financial goals and quantifying what is required to achieve them can lay the foundations for a successful investment experience.

06th Apr 2023 by Kyle McClellan & Ollie Cutting

Kyle McClellan and Ollie Cutting, Wealth Managers at MASECO, have outlined a roadmap of some key principles you should familiarise yourself with before setting sail on your investment journey as an American living in the UK. Over the next few months, we will be releasing each of these seven key principles.

14th Mar 2023 by Ollie Cutting

Within the latest edition of the American in Britain magazine, Ollie Cutting, Wealth Manager, discusses why having a US-aware advisor is vital for Americans living in the UK.

25th Jan 2023 by MASECO Private Wealth

US investors have pretty much engaged in a love affair with mutual funds, closed-end funds, money market funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). All these investment vehicles provide access to a broad array of asset classes, often at a low cost.

23rd Jan 2023 by Rory Dorman, ACA

Within this article, Rory Dorman, Partner and Senior Wealth Manager at MASECO, and Naomi Grimwood, Solicitor at Expatriate Law, discuss the key areas to consider if you are an American living in the UK and contemplating a divorce.