03rd May 2024 by George King

Within our latest podcast, which takes the form of a two-part series with Jessica McGawley, a psychological consultant, mediator and founder of Dallington Associates, we delve into the topic of the ‘Rising Generation’. 

02nd May 2024 by Josh Matthews, HBA

MASECO's Co-Founder and Senior Wealth Manager, Josh Matthews, recently had the great pleasure and opportunity to meet distinguished Columbia University Professor, Joseph Stiglitz. Within this blog, Josh shares more about his conversation with ProfessorStiglitz, as well as discussing his work, beliefs and primary concerns as of today.

18th Jan 2024 by Marketing

As we kick off the new year, many of us may find ourselves feeling a bit down after the excitement and celebrations of the holiday season. At MASECO, we understand the importance of a positive and uplifting work environment for our staff. That’s why our Culture Committee has taken it upon themselves to organise a special treat for all staff - burger kits delivered straight to our door!

28th Nov 2023 by Josh Matthews, HBA

Josh Matthews, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of MASECO, attended the 7th Annual Private Wealth UK Forum at the Landmark Hotel in London on 28th November 2023, acting as moderator for the opening session titled ‘The Next 12 Months at a Glance’.