05th Apr 2023 by Kyle McClellan

Last week, Kyle McClellan, Wealth Manager, caught up with Citywire as part of their ‘Next Gen’ campaign. He discussed the most significant moment in his career so far, his top three fund picks, and how he would use a time machine.

08th Mar 2023 by Marketing

Today is International Women's Day (IWD), an annual event to challenge stereotypes of women, broaden perceptions of what is possible and celebrate women's achievements. On this day, we come together to celebrate progress towards achieving gender equality and to recognize how much further we need to go for all women to be fully empowered and able to enjoy their rights.

13th Dec 2022 by Andrew Benson

The holiday season is a time for families to come together and celebrate. But it's also a time when scammers and cybercriminals are on the lookout for ways to take advantage of people. Within this article, Andrew Benson, Partner and Chief Technology Officer, shares some tips to help you keep your family safe and secure online this Christmas.

11th Nov 2022 by Marketing

Giving thanks to our veterans is something we should do every day, but especially on Veterans Day or Remembrance Day.

10th Oct 2022 by HR

Today marks World Mental Health Day, where the objective is to raise awareness about mental health. It encourages people to talk about mental health in general, how we need to look after it, and how important it is to talk about things and get help if you are struggling.

22nd Aug 2022 by Marketing

Within this article, we share some of the benefits of working with MASECO Private Wealth.