22nd Mar 2023 by Marketing

Many of us don’t know where to start in our efforts to make a difference.

17th Mar 2023 by Marketing

Tomorrow is Global Recycling Day, an international event celebrating the importance of recycling and its potential to preserve resources, reduce energy consumption and create jobs. It also provides an opportunity to educate people about the environmental benefits of recycling.

26th Jan 2023 by MASECO Culture Committee

Veganuary has become one of the most well-known campaigns in food. Born out of the ethos of veganism, which in its purest form is about animal rights, people now try Veganuary for a huge range of reasons, whether that’s health, to lower their carbon footprint, or simply to start the year with a challenge or a feeling of purpose.

05th Dec 2022 by Marketing

Today is International Volunteer Day, an event celebrated worldwide to thank volunteers for their dedication and raise awareness of their critical role in safeguarding our communities.

30th Nov 2022 by Marketing

Wrap Up is a project run by various Rotary Clubs working in partnership with Hands On London to provide and distribute coats to those who need them the most across the UK who struggle to keep warm during the winter months.

17th Oct 2022 by MASECO Private Wealth

Putting a coherent strategy around charitable giving can be an important part of an individual’s Wealth Plan. If giving strategies are among actionable priorities, it is important to identify tax-efficient ways to achieve your charitable objectives.