29th Nov 2022 by MASECO Private Wealth

When it comes to lending money, it is essential to have a set of criteria that you use to determine whether or not a loan is a good idea. This criteria will help you assess the risk of default and make sure that you are lending to people who are likely to repay the loan.

31st Oct 2022 by MASECO Private Wealth

As an American living in the UK, there are several considerations when taking distributions from your UK pension.  

11th Oct 2022 by MASECO Private Wealth

As an American living in the UK, almost nothing related to your financial affairs is easy. The consequences of seemingly simple decisions - such as how to pay for a new home or purchase a mutual fund - may create unnecessary tax charges and complexities. 

09th Mar 2022 by Henry Findlater

Within this article, Henry Findlater, Partner and Senior Wealth Manager at MASECO, offers his thoughts on pensions, cash, children and gifting, for those planning on conducting a financial planning 'Spring clean' as we approach the beginning of a new UK tax year. 

09th Feb 2022 by George King

Reflecting back on Divorce Day, George King, Senior Wealth Manager, discusses pre-divorce financial planning. 

27th Jan 2022 by Emma James

Within the January-February edition of The American Magazine, Emma James, Senior Wealth Executive at MASECO, discusses how to manage your finances.