13th Jan 2022 by Andrea Solana, CFP™

Andrea Solana, Partner and Head of Planning, features in The American Magazine explaining the updated guidance around the expansion of the UK Trust Registration Service.

24th Sep 2021 by Kyle McClellan
Although receiving the UK State Pension is unlikely to materially change an individual’s lifestyle in retirement, considering the available options for maximising the UK State Pension can offer an ‘easy-win’ for increasing income in retirement. Within this article, Kyle McClellan, Wealth Manager at MASECO, discusses the long-term benefits of making voluntary National Insurance contributions.
14th Sep 2021 by Andrea Solana, CFP™

Retirement Planning in general has come into greater focus in the last thirty years with increasing life expectancies, increasing costs of medical care and a decreasing ability to rely on final salary pension provisions.

03rd Aug 2021 by Andrea Solana, CFP™

Within the July-August edition of The American Magazine, Andrea Solana, Head of Advanced Planning at MASECO, offers her thoughts on the five areas to focus on in the 10 years before retirement. 

04th Jun 2021 by Patrick Bowen

To pre-experience your financial future can be incredibly powerful. To have the visibility to know what’s required to achieve your financial goals and objectives, can provide the clarity needed to help make some important decisions.