17th Oct 2022 by MASECO Private Wealth

Historically, property alongside pensions has been one of the most common ways to invest in the UK both for a main residence and a buy-to-let portfolio. As many know, property is an asset class, just as cash, bonds and shares and can serve as a form of diversification when building an overall investment portfolio for assets.

27th Sep 2022 by Sindbad Fawcett

Within the latest edition of the American in Britain magazine, Sindbad Fawcett, Senior Wealth Executive, discusses four key financial areas we believe you should consider ahead of the end of the US tax year.

16th Sep 2021 by Andrea Solana, CFP™
Within this article, Andrea Solana, Partner and Head of Advanced Planning at MASECO, provides a summary of the proposed US Income and Estate Tax Changes.
21st Jul 2021 by Tor Flonaes

After receiving lots of positive feedback over the years for our ’39 Steps to Smart Living in the UK’, we are pleased to announce that we have finally released our ’39 Steps to Moving to the US’! As we launch our latest guide, Tor Flonaes, Partner and Senior Wealth Manager, discusses some of the most common issues facing Brits moving to the US. 

22nd Apr 2021 by Rory Dorman, ACA

Rory Dorman, Partner and Senior Wealth Manager at MASECO, shines a proverbial spotlight on the Roth IRA and shares why he is such a fan of this particular tax-wrapper. In his article, Rory discusses the basic mechanics, numbers and less likely known key nuances of the Roth IRA.