14th Feb 2023 by Albion Strategic

Most investors – at some time – will be either tempted to time when to be in or out of equity markets – or wish they had when markets fall. It would be great to be able to capture the upsides and avoid the downsides, but that is wishful thinking.

11th Aug 2022 by Tor Flonaes

What should investors do if they believe there is some irrationality in the markets? How can they take advantage of it? 

04th Jul 2022 by Josh Matthews, HBA

Josh Matthews, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, recently had the opportunity to meet with legendary investor and New York Times bestselling author Howard Marks, who was in London for an Oaktree investor conference.

09th May 2022 by Edward Howison

Within this article Edward Howison, Partner and Senior Wealth Manager, discusses how a disciplined investment strategy can help to allay anxieties or concerns during bouts of market volatility.

29th Apr 2022 by Patrick Bowen

Recent news has been filled with reports about rising inflation. Whether you’re paying attention to economic statistics or not, I’m sure many of us will have noticed the prices rise on our weekly food shops or when filling up the car (even if it is electric).

14th Apr 2022 by Mark Scher

It seems nearly impossible not to have heard that the Federal Reserve (Fed) has started raising rates. Technically, the Federal Reserve raises the Federal Funds Rate. That is the rate that the Fed charges commercial banks (Citigroup, Bank of America, etc) when they are borrowing or lending their excess reserves to each other overnight.