13th May 2024 by Alex Dolton

With the arrival of a new UK tax year, it's an opportune moment for US expatriates living in the UK to evaluate and maximise their tax-efficient investment strategies.

26th Feb 2024 by Dan Keeley

Embarking on a move from the US to the UK is an exciting prospect filled with new opportunities and adventures. However, the process of relocating to a new jurisdiction comes with its fair share of challenges that can hurt the unprepared and unaware.

19th Dec 2023 by Dan Keeley

We often associate Christmas as a time for giving but there is no reason why those with charitable intentions must wait until the festive period to make a difference.

14th Aug 2023 by Kyle McClellan & Ollie Cutting

Beginning your investment journey as an American citizen living in the UK can seem daunting. Whether learning to drive on the opposite side of the road or clarifying how His Majesty will tax your US investments, living in the UK can pose a unique set of challenges.

08th Aug 2023 by

For persons with connections to the US and the UK, the subject of inheritance tax is one that can be very important due to the large differential in the nil rate inheritance tax bands available in the UK as compared to the US. A lack of understanding about how inheritance tax works can end up costing beneficiaries hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

19th Jul 2023 by Kyle McClellan & Ollie Cutting

Although winning the title of the “richest person in the graveyard” is an accolade few of us will care for or personally benefit from, estate planning is a crucial component of many of our client’s financial plans, especially for those who have both US and UK inheritance tax (IHT) to contend with.