29th Nov 2021 by Josh Matthews, HBA

This week is Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), a campaign to celebrate and empower entrepreneurs in every country and community worldwide. MASECO was founded back in 2008 by entrepreneurs and Managing Partners Joshua Matthews and James Sellon when they identified an opportunity in wealth management due to a change in the non-domicile rules.

14th Oct 2021 by Henry Findlater

This week is National Work Life Week and after 18 months away, we are finally returning to the office. There is still a fair amount of negativity about Covid in the newspapers, so it’s no surprise that many people are feeling some degree of anxiety about returning to the workplace.

13th Oct 2021 by Henry Findlater

Autumn is a great time to be in the city. The trees turn red, gold and orange, the days are long enough to get a good amount done before darkness sets in, and many exciting events are going on throughout the capital. Within this article, we share a few of the many ways you can enjoy some fall fun in the city this autumn.

08th Oct 2021 by Henry Findlater

In this first video, Henry Findlater, Partner and Senior Wealth Manager, shares his lessons learnt on the subject of the benefit of maintaining a ‘laser focus’ on delivering a unique and focused proposition over the last 13 years, covering how this has benefited MASECO and our

17th Sep 2021 by Josh Matthews, HBA

As we remember the effects of 9/11 20 years on, Joshua Matthews, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, shares a personal reflection on the September 11 attacks in relation to the birth of MASECO and how it affected the course of his life.

14th Sep 2021 by Andrea Solana, CFP™

Retirement Planning in general has come into greater focus in the last thirty years with increasing life expectancies, increasing costs of medical care and a decreasing ability to rely on final salary pension provisions.

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