19th Jul 2021 by Cormac Naughten

Having noticed a substantial increase in the number of advisers contacting him to enquire about Socially Responsible (“SRI”), ethical or sustainable portfolios which could all be grouped under the general industry term of “ESG” or investment focused on Environmental, Social and corporate Governance considerations, Cormac Naughten, Head of MASECO Institutional discusses the MASECO approach to su

02nd Dec 2020 by George Fisk, CFP™

George Fisk, Wealth Manager, discusses how the need and demand for responsible investing is more prevalent than ever. For the full article, featured in The American Magazine, please click here.

19th Dec 2018 by Rory Dorman, ACA
12th Oct 2018 by Henry Findlater
31st Jul 2018 by Andrea Solana

More and more individuals are looking to invest in a manner that is consistent with specific principles and values. It is not uncommon for individual investors to express concern about how their investment decisions affect the world they are creating for future generations.

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