14th Apr 2022 by Marketing

On Thursday 24th March MASECO Private Wealth hosted their first balancing purpose and profit webinar in support of B Corp month where we partnered with award-winning brand, COOK, the frozen meals company. Within this article, we share some highlights from the event and a link to the webinar recording. 

31st Mar 2022 by Marketing

B Corps know that it’s their people that make their businesses a success. It’s why they invest in their workers well-being, training, and development. Every person, at every level, deserves the same treatment and respect. That’s why more than 40% of B Corps, including MASECO, offer health and wellness services to their employees.

29th Mar 2022 by Marketing

Without our customers, we're nothing. Making a positive difference in their lives is our top priority, and we work hard to consider what they want — not just what will make us a profit. And we listen when they let us know how to do better.

22nd Mar 2022 by Marketing

March is B Corp Month – four weeks dedicated to celebrating B Corp businesses and what it means to be a certified B Corp.

21st Mar 2022 by Marketing

The governance area of the B Impact Assessment focuses on how you ensure your company’s governance considers all stakeholders.

14th Mar 2022 by Marketing

Without a planet, there’s no business. That’s why all B Corps are asked to monitor key things like their water and energy use and waste disposal processes. They're also three times more likely to use 100% low-impact renewable energy in comparison to ordinary businesses.

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