21st Jan 2022 by Olivier Rident

Within this article, Olivier Rident, Wealth Manager, discusses the benefits of planning and saving for your children’s future. 

13th Jan 2022 by Andrea Solana

Andrea Solana, Partner and Head of Planning, features in The American Magazine explaining the updated guidance around the expansion of the UK Trust Registration Service.

24th Sep 2021 by Kyle McClellan
Although receiving the UK State Pension is unlikely to materially change an individual’s lifestyle in retirement, considering the available options for maximising the UK State Pension can offer an ‘easy-win’ for increasing income in retirement. Within this article, Kyle McClellan, Wealth Manager at MASECO, discusses the long-term benefits of making voluntary National Insurance contributions.
02nd Sep 2021 by Henry Findlater

Of all the financial challenges and concerns that we face over our lifetimes, avoiding running out of money in retirement probably sits at the top of the list. No-one wants to end up relying on meagre state benefits and eating own-brand baked beans every day. Retirement Rule 1 is crucial but not guaranteed. As Warren Buffett might say, Retirement Rule 2 is not to forget Retirement Rule 1!

21st Jul 2021 by Tor Flonaes

After receiving lots of positive feedback over the years for our ’39 Steps to Smart Living in the UK’, we are pleased to announce that we have finally released our ’39 Steps to Moving to the US’! As we launch our latest guide, Tor Flonaes, Partner and Senior Wealth Manager, discusses some of the most common issues facing Brits moving to the US. 

11th Jun 2021 by George Fisk, CFP™

Inflation is the talk of the town, and with headlines such as ‘US consumer prices rise at the fastest pace since 2008’, one can see why. Consumer Price Inflation in the US stood at 4.2% in the 12 months to April this year, surprising economists across the globe.

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