22nd Sep 2020 by Andrea Solana

As the world now slowly adjusts to the new realities of the world, financial or otherwise, it is worthwhile considering some of the regulations implemented in April as well as changes that could be expected in the near future.

22nd Jul 2020 by Edward Howison

Edward Howison, Senior Wealth Manager, features in The American Magazine discussing why we should be adapting our financial plans and preparing for the unexpected.

29th Jun 2020 by Alex Dolton
31st Jan 2020 by Andrea Solana

While everyone was preoccupied with the holidays and the impeachment of President Trump, Congress quietly passed what is widely considered to be the most sweeping Retirement Bill since 2006.

11th Sep 2019 by Andrea Solana

Andrea Solana, Head of Advanced Planning, features in The American discussing the differences between US trusts and non-US trusts.

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22nd May 2019 by Andrea Solana

The role of money and the part it plays within the family dynamic is often a taboo subject. 

Click here to read the full article by Andrea Solana, featured in The American Magazine.

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