30th Jun 2020 by Helge Kostka

Main Street and Wall Street seem to have decoupled in the last few weeks. It appears that investors are ignoring any future negative financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


29th Jun 2020 by Alex Dolton
23rd Jun 2020 by Helge Kostka

News on suspensions of redemptions from major UK open ended property funds as well as underperformance year to date have further underpinned the fact that MASECO has been a long-standing proponent of measured allocations into REITs.

01st May 2020 by Helge Kostka

With recession concerns intensifying in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, investors may be wondering whether small cap stocks are poised to struggle further. Small cap stocks this year have been hit by even greater fear than other parts of the equity market.

24th Apr 2020 by Helge Kostka

It’s tough being a value investor these days. Beyond the general equity market decline, value has underperformed the broad developed equity market by nearly 6% in the first quarter. 

21st Apr 2020 by Helge Kostka

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