18th May 2022 by Josh Matthews, HBA

MASECO Private Wealth is delighted to have won gold in the 'Financial Advisory Firm of the Year' category at the Magic Circle Awards 2022.

09th May 2022 by Edward Howison

Within this article Edward Howison, Partner and Senior Wealth Manager, discusses how a disciplined investment strategy can help to allay anxieties or concerns during bouts of market volatility.

29th Apr 2022 by Patrick Bowen

Recent news has been filled with reports about rising inflation. Whether you’re paying attention to economic statistics or not, I’m sure many of us will have noticed the prices rise on our weekly food shops or when filling up the car (even if it is electric).

14th Apr 2022 by Mark Scher

It seems nearly impossible not to have heard that the Federal Reserve (Fed) has started raising rates. Technically, the Federal Reserve raises the Federal Funds Rate. That is the rate that the Fed charges commercial banks (Citigroup, Bank of America, etc) when they are borrowing or lending their excess reserves to each other overnight.

14th Apr 2022 by Marketing

On Thursday 24th March MASECO Private Wealth hosted their first balancing purpose and profit webinar in support of B Corp month where we partnered with award-winning brand, COOK, the frozen meals company. Within this article, we share some highlights from the event and a link to the webinar recording. 

31st Mar 2022 by Marketing

B Corps know that it’s their people that make their businesses a success. It’s why they invest in their workers well-being, training, and development. Every person, at every level, deserves the same treatment and respect. That’s why more than 40% of B Corps, including MASECO, offer health and wellness services to their employees.

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