26th Jul 2021 by Mark Scher

One topic that comes up with increasing regularity is the question surrounding cryptocurrencies (sometimes called crypto for short). The success stories of “instant millionaires” seem to be all over the financial press. However, what does not seem to make as much news are the individuals who have lost money in cryptocurrency.

22nd Jul 2021 by Henry Findlater

On Friday, 25 June, MASECO Private Wealth, in conjunction with LondonSports, hosted its third Annual Charity Softball Match, and we are delighted to share some highlights of the day with you.

21st Jul 2021 by Tor Flonaes

After receiving lots of positive feedback over the years for our ’39 Steps to Smart Living in the UK’, we are pleased to announce that we have finally released our ’39 Steps to Moving to the US’! As we launch our latest guide, Tor Flonaes, Partner and Senior Wealth Manager, discusses some of the most common issues facing Brits moving to the US. 

19th Jul 2021 by Cormac Naughten

Having noticed a substantial increase in the number of advisers contacting him to enquire about Socially Responsible (“SRI”), ethical or sustainable portfolios which could all be grouped under the general industry term of “ESG” or investment focused on Environmental, Social and corporate Governance considerations,

19th Jul 2021 by Henry Findlater

The most resilient individuals and teams are not the ones that coast along, but instead, they are the ones that struggle, then learn and come back stronger because of it. The characteristics of those people who repeatedly come back from what they perceive to be failure go hand in hand with those of high achievers.

16th Jul 2021 by Ashley Scher

In 2017, the Trump Administration passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) which drastically cut corporate tax rates from 35% to 21%. While arguments can be made for some reduction from 35% (e.g.

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