Are you a UK financial adviser with US clients?

MASECO provides a range of wealth management services customised to the diverse needs of your US clients. Our Discretionary Investment Management offering - MASECO Institutional - is designed for advisers who wish to retain ownership of their American connected client relationships whilst at the same time ensuring that their clients' assets are managed in a regulatory compliant and tax efficient manner.

We work alongside you to support the needs of our mutual clients, leverage the depth of our experience therefore enabling you to provide our mutual client with an exceptional service.

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MASECO applies the greatest thinking in finance to $3.2bn of assets.

Our investment approach stems from a philosophy of utilising leading academic research combined with empirical evidence to create portfolios that are robust and risk controlled. However, given the bespoke nature of client situations, we do tailor portfolios to suit clients' needs. 

If you do not have the authorisation or specialist expertise to manage investments for US clients, we can support you.

Why choose MASECO?

  • 1 Registered with the US SEC
  • 2 Pre-immigration financial planning
  • 3 Multi-currency management of US and UK pensions
  • 4 US and UK tax reports
  • 5 A solution for taxable accounts, US and UK pensions, trusts and ISAs