Evidence based investing.

While there is no absolute right or wrong way to invest, there are certainly better and worse investment solutions. At MASECO we have built a disciplined and risk-focussed approach to investing that seeks to give every client the best possible chance of a successful investment outcome.

Our investment approach leverages leading academic theory and high quality empirical evidence to ensure we make better risk decisions on behalf of our clients.

This simple yet powerful investment philosophy is the result of years of research and testing. It involves selecting the right long-term risks to take instead of focussing on short term predictions. These risks are then managed astutely through time.

A core tenant of this approach is our desire to help you to understand, believe in, and live with the portfolios that you own – avoiding exposure to unnecessary risk.

The elegant simplicity of our portfolios actually masks the sophistication and complexity of the risk decisions from which they derive.

Each portfolio is diversified across global markets and economies, as well as asset classes and individual securities. By investing in a MASECO portfolio you will have access to institutional style investments directly aligned to your objectives.

To find out more please download our Investment Approach or browse the MASECO Insight area of our website for deeper discussions around our Investment Philosophy.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may not get what you invest.