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A little bit of America in London – NFL International Series Returns

A little bit of America fills the streets of London each Autumn with the NFL International Series games held at Wembley Stadium. The second of the three game series takes place this weekend on Sunday 25 October between the Buffalo Bills and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In an effort to continue raising interest in American football here in the UK, NFL on Regent Street will take place this Saturday. Regent Street will close to traffic between Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus with loads of interactive games and live musical performances taking place throughout the day. Additionally, some team players, coaches and cheerleaders will make appearances as well. In each of the last few years more than 500,000 people have attended, so any nostalgic feelings can surely be satisfied amongst fellow American football fans.

It seems clear that the International Series has built a mutual interest in an increased NFL presence here in London. Whether or not a permanent British franchise team ever comes to fruition, it appears as though the series will continue to be a success that both London and the NFL will benefit from. And, either way, this is likely to make Americans here in London feel a little bit more at home.

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