NFL coming to London (hopefully)

Well there is certainly a hotbed of excitement in our office this week as George Osborne throws his weight behind an NFL team having a permanent base in London.  There has been speculation that rather than creating a new team, an existing team (maybe the Jacksonville Jaguars) are relocated to London.

This will be a significant shake-up in the way the NFL is run.  Will the star players want to travel to London?  Will the Wembley pitch be up to the constant wear and tear?  There seems to be a huge amount of local support for the concept proven by the capacity crowds at Wembley over the last few weeks.  Apparently only 10% of the 80,0000 were actually American citizens.  This concept is in its early stages and is by no means a done deal however, like US tax issues, the idea is slowly and thoughtfully rising up the agenda.  Watch this space.

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