03rd Aug 2022 by MASECO Private Wealth

Planning opportunities for US expats: a mission critical introduction

Planning Opportunities

In today’s globalised world, the opportunities afforded Americans abroad have never been greater. However, significant care needs to be taken to ensure that any build-up of foreign cash does not get whittled away through poor tax structuring and financial planning.

This whitepaper seeks first to explore and identify some of the issues, and second to review the planning opportunities to help overcome them. This is a must read for any Americans considering a meaningful sabbatical in distant lands, or any expats who have already taken the plunge. The bad news is that the costs of making a misstep can be eye-watering, but the good news is that the actions to mitigate those costs are typically straightforward and inexpensive, provided the right advice is being sought from the right professionals in plenty of time.

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