31st May 2024 by Senior Wealth Planner

MASECO Partners with The Woolf Institute

Woolf Institute

As a founding member of the B Corp movement in the UK, we strive to meet rigorous standards in social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. As a part of this pledge, charitable donations are made by MASECO on behalf of every new household that joins. After careful consideration, we have chosen the Woolf Institute as the beneficiary of our contributions for the new households MASECO acquired in first quarter of this year.

The Woolf Institute is a charity based in Cambridge with the aim of fostering interfaith relations. It was founded in 1998 as a center for Jewish-Christian relations, and then in the post 9/11 environment began fostering Jewish-Muslim relations too. Following recent events in Gaza the charity has been working hard to offer a safe space for discussion, support and building Jewish-Muslim relationships. They focus on the trifecta of research, teaching and public engagement giving them a broad scope of impact.

The Woolf Institute is a global leader in the academic study of relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims. The Institute is recognised around the world for the excellence of its research, teaching, policy and public education programmes. The aim of our work is to connect the multidisciplinary study of relations with broader practical and theoretical questions, including the importance of trust in everyday life, the role of religion in international diplomacy, and improving end of life care in local hospices.

Since 2013, the Woolf Institute, in collaboration with the Cambridge Commonwealth European and International Trust, has offered the Woolf Institute Cambridge Scholarship for MPhil and PhD scholars and contributed to teaching the MPhil in Middle Eastern Studies: Muslim-Jewish Relations at the University of Cambridge.

The Woolf Institute also brings its expertise to a global audience by offering a range of online courses which address the relationship between religion and society and from 2022, launches its Summer School program. This has allowed the Institute to have global outreach, supported by a roster of events throughout the year from lectures, a Bible and Qur’an reading group to run photographic exhibitions in their building to emphasise togetherness, providing resources for RE in schools and an annual publication which gives a thrilling insight into some of the research projects the Institute supports.

We are proud to support a worthy cause that aligns with our values of inclusivity, respect, and tolerance, and we are delighted to see our donation making a significant impact.

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