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MASECO's Move for May Challenge

Running lanes on a cruise.

Last month, the MASECO team were on the move as part of the Move for May initiative to raise awareness for mental well-being.

Our staff aimed to reach 24,000 minutes of exercise over the course of May, 6,000 minutes per week (100 hours), a minute of exercise for each person lost to suicide in the UK (the average in the UK per year is 6000).

Suicide rates, reflecting severe mental health issues, often arise from social isolation, economic hardship, and psychological distress. However, regular physical activity offers hope by improving mental well-being. Exercise not only boosts physical health but also releases mood-lifting endorphins. Additionally, it fosters a sense of accomplishment, social connection, and resilience. Activities like walking, yoga, or team sports can be powerful tools against despair, providing a path to healing and hope for those facing mental health challenges.

The team threw themselves into this challenge, even completing minutes overseas – one member of staff racked up her minutes on the running track of a cruise ship in Portugal! 

From bike rides to treks in the Lake District to workouts, the combined efforts and hard work paid off, as the original target was surpassed. In total, 25,429 minutes of exercise were completed in May. Well done to the team for all their hard work!

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