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Number of French people abroad up by 35% over 10 years

A parliamentary report about the number of French expats was released on October 8th 2014. The report called the ‘exile of the lifeforce’ has generated many debates and articles in the French press. According to the report there are now 1.6million French people living abroad. This represents an increase of 35% over 10 years. It is likely however that the number of French people living outside France is much higher, as this figure only takes into account those officially registered with French consulates. The interpretation of the increase varies between left and right wing parties in France. Left wing politicians believe the increase is just the result of globalisation and freedom of work within the EU, and argue the French expatriate population is well below the British or German ones therefore certainly no reason for concern. The right wing opposition on the contrary say the left is in denial and France is a sick patient victim of fiscal exodus, high unemployment and bleak economic outlook.


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